Refund Policy

By making a purchase from us you agree to be bound by the following Refund Policy, please read it thoroughly before placing an order.


Below are the most common reasons for refund requests. Please read, understand and agree to this policy before placing an order. If you believe your order is eligible for a refund or have any questions about our policies, please contact us with all relevant details. We will confirm your request.

Order Changes

You may contact us to request changes to the services you have ordered before the services are provided. This includes both adding and removing services or quantities of services. Basically, we cannot accept changes after the service has started, but we will do our best to accommodate them.


You can request cancellation any time before the order is completed. We prorate reimbursement for core services (translation) based on the amount of work the translator has done on the project. for example:

  • You ordered 2 pages of certified translation for a total of $50 and requested cancellation before the project was assigned to a translator. You will receive a full refund of $50
  • You ordered 4 pages of certified translation totaling $200 and requested cancellation while the order was pending. We Contact the translator to stop working and get the latest word count. The translator said she has already translated 3 pages, so the prorated refund would be 1 page totaling $25.
  • I have placed an order for 250 words of standard translation totaling $25 and would like to cancel it after completing the order. No refunds will be given.

Ancillary services not provided (authentication, delivery, etc.) will be fully refunded. Ancillary services provided are non-refundable.

Turnaround Times

At checkout, we will provide an estimated processing time based on historical order data. This is the estimated time between assigning your project to a translator and sending back the translation to be notified. Since we only work with human translators, we cannot guarantee a specific turnaround time, but we will do our best to exceed the quoted estimate.

Processing time begins when the project is assigned to a translator. This is because there may be delays in the initial processing of your order. For example, if you fail to upload a readable source file, or you select the wrong language pair, or you select the wrong number of words/pages, you need to fix the underlying problem, so the estimated You should expect some delay before the duration starts. Assign projects to translators. If the wrong word/page count was selected at checkout, expect the estimated processing time to change once the count is corrected.

Quality Concerns

Evaluation of translation quality is subjective. Words are often phrased in multiple ways, and word choice varies based on experience and understanding of the context of the source material. We will try to work with you to ensure that you are happy with the final translation, but ultimately the translator will decide the choice of words.

In the rare event that a translator does not meet our quality standards in translation and the corrections are insufficient and do not meet our standards, we will, at our sole discretion, issue a refund or provide a free retranslation. may occur.

Errors & Mistranslation

We guarantee the highest level of accuracy in all translations. We follow a strict quality control process to ensure that your translated documents are free of errors and mistranslations. If you find any errors or mistranslations in the document, please let us know immediately. We will promptly correct the errors in the mistranslated document.

  • Name spellings (if not specified) and word preferences should not be interpreted as mistranslations or errors. No refunds will be given for name spelling (unless otherwise specified) and word preference.
  • If you reject a translation and request a refund due to an error or mistranslation, we will only issue a refund if we reasonably believe that our quality standards have not been met and the proofreading process has failed. increase.
  • After confirming that the promised quality standard is not met, we will refund the amount equivalent to the deteriorated quality. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES OUR LIABILITY IS ALWAYS LIMITED TO THE CORRECTION OF ERRORS OR A REFUND. Document Translations has no other liability or indemnification obligations.

Revision Requests

You can request a revision from your order status page within 30 days of the translation becoming available. As long as you do not edit the original text, you are free to modify it. Changes to source material are handled on a case-by-case basis. You may be able to edit existing translations and request additional translated words, but if the changes are significant, a full retranslation may be required.

The most common edit requests involve names of people and places. We ask for this information when you place your order, but we encourage you to provide it as names can be particularly difficult to translate. This greatly reduces the need for revisions and ensures that finished translations are available as quickly as possible.

Translation Acceptance

Except for USCIS, we do not offer refunds for problems with the acceptance of translations. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that we meet your receiving party’s requirements. If you have any questions, we strongly encourage you to contact us with a list of your requirements before placing your order so that we can assist you.

For added peace of mind, we offer a money-back guarantee for sworn translations rejected by USCIS.

Shipping Issues

We ship via United States Postal Service (USPS) and FedEx. If you have any problems with your luggage, please contact us immediately. We will do our best to help you resolve it. USPS and FedEx are third party service providers and do not issue refunds for issues related to processing shipments.

Missing Pages

We follow a strict quality control process to make sure we do not miss anything while translating your documents. But if you receive your translations and notice a page or section missing, contact us immediately and we will fix it soon. If we are unable to turnaround the missing sections within our promised timeframe, we will communicate this to you and provide you with the option to refuse the missing translations and instead receive a partial refund, calculated for the missing sections.


If you have not paid for DTP or not provided a clear scan, we cannot guarantee a 100% mirror image. We therefore cannot issue a refund for such complaints. If the scanned image is blurry, we only do plain text or clear contents translations.

Interpreting Terms

Please remember that interpreters will always limit themselves to providing verbal interpretations of what is being said. They will not provide further explanation or give opinions. As such, if context is required, it should only be for the purpose of choosing proper terms.

Please note that Crest has a 24 hour cancellation policy . This policy protects our contracted interpreters who have blocked their time for your appointment.
If you cancel a request with more than 24 hours of notice, there is no fee associated with that request. If you cancel with less than 24-hours’ notice, you will be invoiced for the entire scheduled time since Crest will compensate the interpreter.
If there is an issue connecting to the scheduled interpreter at the last minute, reach out to Crest CST to request for a substitute interpreter.

For Larger projects, there will be half refund or no refund at all depending on the time for cancellation this is because We have to make changes to staff’s schedules to be able to allocate those specific hours for those interpreters to your appointment. In doing so, we let other opportunities go.