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Affordable Translations and Interpreting services for healthcare, Government, Legal, and Education Sectors Around the Clock.

We believe in exceeding our clients’ expectations by providing affordable and reliable interpretation and translation services that remove the language barrier and connect people around the world.

Multiple Languages

We are the leading providers for Translations and Interpreting services in multiple languages from A-Z. From Acholi language to Zulu language. We have qualified interpreters and Translators ready to provide language services in 160+ languages including Sign Language.

Some of Our Happy Clients

Some of Our Happy Clients

Our Services

Over the phone interpreting (OPI)

Over the phone interpreting is the quickest way for providers to access a qualified interpreter remotely. When you use Crest Language Services OPI, you can rest assured knowing that you have access to professional interpreters around the clock.

Onsite / Face-face interpretating

Regardless of how small or big your agency is, our Interpreters will come to you or to the facility where you need them to carry out interpretation. We provide in person interpreters 24/7 at affordable prices.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

With increased Teleworking and telehealth, we have introduced this cost effective Video Remote Interpreting solution to enable our clients and their LEP clients to stay connected. Our VRI services and ASL are accessible 24/7.

Document Translations

Translation is the Rendering of text from one language into another. We provide translation services to industries of all sizes at Affordable rates.

Localization Services

Besides Translating, we shall localize your materials to match a specific country or region where you need the materials utilized.

Bridging the Gap

Our Interpreters are native speakers and understand the culture, they do not just interpret, they bridge the Gap of cultural differences too.

Professional Translation and Interpreting Services

At Crest Language services, we provide translation and interpretation services to the leading companies, in various niches, including financial, legal, engineering, automotive, and medical. We use state of the art management solutions for terminology alongside our years of experience to produce incredibly fast high-quality translations for our valuable clients.

Why Crest?

Affordable Language Services in 160+ Languages including Sign Language.

At Crest Language Services, being bi-lingual does not simply qualify one to become an interpreter or Translator(though it is an important factor). Our team is composed of experienced interpreters and translators who are ready to provide you and your clients with the best experience.

In the sci-fi world crafted by Douglas Adams in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” you’d just slap a bright yellow Babel fish in your ear and simply be able to understand any mix of languages around you. While we aren’t quite there yet, language is becoming less of a barrier than in generations past. And that is what we do at Crest Language Services.

Swahili English Spanish Arabic  Armenian Burmese Georgian Hebrew Hindi Nepali Vietnamese Kinyarwanda Somali Zulu

Karibu Welcome Bienvenidos أهلا بك ողջույն ကြိုဆို  მისასალმებელი ברוך הבא स्वागत हे स्वागत chào mừng Ikaze soo dhawow wamukelekile

Interpreters on Demand

Our Interpreters are available 24/7 ready to break the language barrier for you at Affordable rates.

The Most Languages

We provide Interpretation and Translation Services in 200+ Languages including ASL

Enhanced Productivity

Our Translators and Interpreters are industry experts with credentials and experience in what they do.

Ease of Use

With our Automated Toll free numbers and Mobile App, connecting to an interpreter is as easy as ABC.

High Quality

We use qualified and experienced Translators and Interpreters to guarantee the quality of our services.

Reduced Risk

Our systems are designed with maximum security to handle confidentiality of our clients and their clients.

Certified Medical Interpreters​

Our Medical interpreters and translators are industry experts who understand terminology and vocabulary related to the healthcare sector. Crest Language Services medical interpreters are HIPAA trained and compliant interpreters with experience and skills who are on a standby 24/7 to provide you with Over the phone medical Interpretation, Video Remote Medical interpretation and Medical Document Translations.  Whether you are a clinic, Doctor’s office or any other facility providing healthcare services, choosing crest language services means having professional interpreter Services around the clock.


Happy Clients

HIPAA Compliant Translation Services

We have implemented many safeguards to ensure that our Staff, devices, services, websites and all our products are compliant with the regulations and conditions set forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

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