About Crest Language Services

Crest language services is an interpretation and translation agency that is owned and managed by interpreters. At Crest Language services, we provide professional Interpreters around the clock to remove the language barrier between LEP communities and providers like Patients & their healthcare providers, Teachers & Parents, Government officers. We provide  interpretation and translation services to hospitals, clinics and other agencies through over the phone interpretation (OPI), Video Remote Interpretation (VRI), and In-person Interpreters Onsite as well as documents translation.

Crest Language services provides translation and interpretation services to leading companies, in various niches, including financial, legal, engineering, automotive, and medical. At Crest Language services, we use state of the art management solutions for terminology alongside our years of experience to produce incredibly fast high-quality translations for our valuable clients.

Mission Statement

We believe in exceeding our clients’ expectations by providing affordable and reliable interpretation and translation services that remove the language barrier and connect people to the world. We are committed to delivering exceptional services that create awesome experiences and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Vision Statement

To ease the way the world communicates by making interpretation and translation services accessible, affordable and reliable. We believe in providing seamless services that enhance both personal and professional relationships, regardless of linguistic and cultural differences hence providing professional interpreters around the clock.

Why Choose Our Services

Crest language services is owned and managed by experienced interpreters who monitor and supervise all interpretation services provided. This makes easy for us to hire only experienced and qualified interpreters. We provide affordable services around the clock. At Crest Language services, we provide excellent customer services to our clients by building a strong relationship with our interpreters. We are interpreters ourselves, therefore, understand that a person who feels appreciated and recognized will always do more than what is expected of him/her. We understand that each technical translation & interpretations require an in-depth knowledge of that particular industry. Since our all translators and interpreters are fluent linguistically, with our unwavering commitment to quality and our affordable pricing we place ourselves as one of the best service providers in language services. At Crest Language services, each document goes through a strict quality assurance process, to ensure the utmost quality for our valuable clients.

Schedule of services

In order to facilitate our customers, we have introduced a translation process that is very simple and user friendly. We deeply value the time of our customers, therefore, we have kept the overall uploading process very simple, therefore now customers can upload documents directly by sending it to us an attachment, by selecting the want to be translated, and then the document can be submitted. Considering customer’s requirements, we have upgraded our processes and technologies to deliver fast services. Now customers don’t need to book an interpreter in advance, all interpreters are a phone call away. We work 24/7 and interpreters are quickly reachable. Our offices are open M-F 8:00 AM – 8:30 PM CST. And we allow visitors per appointment.