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Certified Translation Solutions for Documents and Certificates

Translate your official documents involving immigration or study abroad with the help of Crest Language Services. We have all the desired skills and expertise that make us ease in delivering the best translation solutions. Besides this, we make sure that our clients will also save money while they are opting for our certified translation solutions.

We are industry experts and believe in making strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients. We have the client’s across the globe, who are extremely satisfied with our services. At Crest Language Services, you will meet a team, who is available 24/7 to interact with our clients and resolve all their queries.


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Why do you need a certified translation solution?

If you need to travel somewhere or you need to start your business abroad, then you need to submit papers. And in this case, it is vital to submit all those documents in their mother language. And it is only possible with the help of our certified translators. Our translators ensure that the translation work will be done timely, accurately, and perfectly. Secondly, we ensure that it must be 100% precise, and done on time.

Multiple certified translation work in which we deal:

Our certified translation work covers multiple sectors including institutes, and we are the only ones who have overcome all their expectations related to the paperwork. Whether you are searching for certified translation work for your institute or anything else, we are always delivering the best possible solution. Here are some of the areas in which we deal:

Legal Proceedings

In legal proceedings, it is very much important to hire a professional and certified translator. We have expertise in the legal field and we have extensive knowledge of legal terms. So, when you are looking for the same, then you must seek advice from Crest Language Services.

Medical Purposes

Medical documents are very much beneficial when a person is looking to travel abroad. With our certified medical translators, you can easily translate your medical documents. Our team is aware of all the medical terms and ensures that all the medical translation work will be done impressively.

Academic Translation

As its name describes, academic translation is done for institutes or colleges. It is beneficial for all those, who are looking to study abroad. We offer 24/7 academic translation solutions and make sure to deliver on time to our clients.

Immigration papers

We are trusted by multiple immigration companies, as we have delivered them completely confidential document translation solutions. We also delivered the certificate of accuracy to our clients so, that acceptance of those documents become so much easier.

Notarized Translation

The notarized translation services are done to translate official documents. In this case, we ensure that everything is done confidentially and everything will be done accurately.

Reaching the team of Crest Language Services is effortless

We at Crest Language services are available on multiple platforms to interact with our clients. Whether it is website chat, Facebook chat, Whatsapp, email, or any other platform we are always available to interact with our clients. It is very much important in reducing the communication barriers between us and our clients. Besides this, when you are looking for a document translation solution, then uploading and downloading documents is very much easy. With a simple click, you can get the translated document. And even though all the translated work is completed by human-powered, it automatically reduces the chances of errors.
Do you want a quote for the certified translation work? Call at 888 551 8181
We are available 24/7 to attend to our clients. So, if you are looking for a quote for our certified translation work, then you should call us at 888 551 8181 and resolve all your queries related to the price.

Why hire Crest Language Services?

We are the industry experts, who make sure to deliver extraordinary solutions to our clients. Besides this, there are unlimited reasons to opt for the solutions by Crest Language Services.

Highly Confidential

When it is to the translation of the documents, then we ensure that everything will be kept confidential. It is beneficial for you when you are looking for legal translation work.

5-star rated

With our services, we have managed to gain a 5-star rating from our clients. It is only possible due to the efforts of our team, who have offered a great solution to our clients.

Timely Solutions

We are aware of the value of time for our clients, therefore we ensure that everything will be done before or on time. So, our clients will always love to avail of our services.

We are certified translator

We are the only certified translator, who has worked with clients with multiple niches. With our expertise, we have maintained a strong relationship with our customers.

Have a huge list of clients

With our work, we have managed to gain a good reputation and our list of clients are goes on increasing day by day. So, become a part of our clientele right now.


We are highly supportive of our clients. So, in case you are getting any problems while opting for our services then we assure to resolve all your doubts while offering a satisfactory solution.

Offer a solution to 100+ languages

No matter, in which language you are looking for the translation solution. Here along with Crest Language Services, you will get the best solutions within your budget.

Offer solutions in multiple languages

Whether you are looking for a translation solution in English, Arabic, Spanish, or any other you will always receive the most-optimum solution from us.

Make your translation work get authorized with our certified translation certificate

Add a certificate of authenticity to your translation with our budget-friendly certified translation services. Our certified translation services are beneficial for all those, who are looking for translation work for their legal, travel or immigration activity.

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USCIS Certified Translation Services

Fast Certified Accurate USCIS Translations

If you are dealing with USCIS whether going through immigration process or Citizenship, you will need to submit a Certificate of accuracy for any documents that you have Translated. This is where you need Crest. We have industry experts who understand the requirements of immigration documents and they will Translate and add a Certificate of accuracy for USCIS approval. 

Accuracy in Translation 

Our Translations are performed by 100% humans who are native speakers with experience and knowledge in the languages that they Translate. We Translate Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Driver Licenses, Academic documents or any other type of foreign documents to localize it to the US standards or to any other location you will need to use it. 

Our Team puts customer relationship first. That is why they will communicate with you through the entire time of Translation. They will keep you update and they will answer all questions that you have regarding your project. 

To whom our certified translation services are beneficial?

Notarized Translation Services

We have the best team, who has experience in handling notarized translation related tasks. We offer 24/7 notary publics services. If you are seeking for the error-free and secure notarized services, then you should grab the deals on our services.

Legalized Translations

Here we have the team, who have experience in handling all the legal translation services. At Crest Language services, you will team the professionals who can handle all your legal translation work in a secure way.

We are available 24/7 to assist queries of our clients. So, contact or call us to have our amazing certified translation services within your budget.